ASQF – IT Specialist Association

The Arbeitskreis Software-Qualität und -Fortbildung e.V. (ASQF, Association for Software Quality and Further Education) is the network of excellence for the software development industry in German-speaking European countries. 1000 globally active companies, high-performing small and medium-sized enterprises, specialists, institutions of higher education and research institutes are members of ASQF and share the commitment to guarantee quality standards in information and communication technology.

Ensuring that know-how, products and services will consistently meet the highest standards is of the utmost importance in the software industry that is characterized by tough international competition. The excellent quality of software products is a strategic competitive advantage – and thus the number one location factor. Maintaining and expanding the edge in quality of our work is therefore the main concern of the ASQF members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

As an independent professional association, ASQF represents the interests of its members and sparks incentives for action in the economy and at the political level. The association organizes and promotes the continued discussion between specialists, executives and scientists and also their communication with representatives from politics and public administration. By meeting at regional software support bases and in themed special interest groups throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria the employees responsible for the quality of software in companies are no longer on their own. As members of the ASQF, they profit from a valuable network.

ASQF has its origins in a project sponsored by the European Union within the context of the European Software Process Improvement Training Initiative (ESPITI) in 1996. ASQF is the sole shareholder of the iSQI GmbH – International Software Quality Institute – founded in 2004.