Special Interest Group: Modeling


The special interest group Modeling is designed to add to the know-how transfer between the ASQF and its members. The topics addressed in this group are meant to be of interest not only for Modelers but also for interest groups from neighboring disciplines like Requirements Engineering and Implementation.


Most system and software engineering projects are unthinkable without modeling. It has become the central element of efficiency increase in the application life cycle. In this context other modeling languages next to UML like for example SysML, BPMN etc. are now established. The topics of the special interest group hence include MDSD, MDA modelling in the stress field of agile approaches (e.g. SCRUM), SOA-ML, the comparison of text-based and model-based domain specific languages (DSLs), methods for the comparison of models including change management in models, criteria for model quality, model-to-model and model-to-text transformations – state of the technology and perspectives, BPMN vs. UML for process ad workflow modeling and template-based reverse engineering from code to models of higher levels of abstraction.