Special Interest Group: Safety


The special interest group Safety aims at creating and providing an SIL expert network which can be used and added to by managers, developers, quality experts and everyone interested. The nature of the ASQF’s special interest groups makes it easy to openly discuss SIL relevant topics as well as problems and solutions. The special interest group Safety wants to attract members from the areas of automotive, medical technology, safety of trains, avionics, industry and financial services. Experts from the fields of mechanics, hardware, software and quality management are meant to communicate with each other as well as discussing the different development processes of their various fields of expertise. This will enable every participant to derive ideas and improvements for their own development work from these exchanges.


The normative functional safety processes will be introduced in a corporate and project orientated way. This will be done by exemplary projects which have successfully stayed within budget and met the deadline with the help of SIL.