ASQF Special Interest Groups

The ASQF is the specialist network in the field of software quality in the German-speaking European countries. An essential part of the association’s work is done by the special interest groups. They combine expert knowledge from economy and research. Acknowledged speakers pass on their know-how of new trends, technologies and experiences and the participants exchange experiences as well.
The special interest groups support activities which have the declared aim of a qualitative improvement for the training in their respective field. An example for this is the ISTQB Certified Tester: By combining experts and after the publication of the certified training (carried out in accordance with international standards), which was put together by an organization founded solely for that purpose (the German Testing Boards), a significant improvement of software testers’ education could be achieved.
A special interest group can be focused on technological (UML), methodical (Processes), and also market-specific (Automotive, Medical Engineering) topics.