Special Interest Group: User Assistance


Almost every software interacts with a user at some point. Efficiency and success of this communication are important to decide whether said software is a good tool or a failure. All this is evident with application programs, but also the firmware of a control circuit should produce understandable, well-documented status and error messages for example to minimize the risk of faulty operation. The special interest group User Assistance wants to achieve verifiable quality criteria for the interaction with the user and to define the application documentation (e.g. target group suitability, usability, ability to translate), methods and tools to guarantee these criteria are met (e.g. style guides, special quality assurance processes), to showcase the use of a thoroughly thought through user assistance to producers and customers (e.g. time and money savings, image increase) as well as comparing theory with project practice by means of experience reports.


The special interest group focuses on all measures which assist the user in operating certain software. This encompasses the development and behaviour of the user interface itself (structure, menu, messages and dialogues) as well as the design of the user documentation and its integration into the development process of the software.